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22 Fresh Advent Sermon Series Ideas for Christmas 2022

Want to make Advent extra special for your church this year? Our free ebook will give you 22 fresh ideas for sermon series you can preach during Advent!

Should I Preach Advent or A Regular Christmas Series?

Advent is a time to reignite our hope in Christ. Just as we anticipate His birth at Christmas, we anticipate how He will come again in glory. When the darkness of the world crowds in (and there’s plenty of it), we can spend Advent returning our eyes to the King in control of it all.

Here’s what you’ll love about our sermon series ideas:

They each take a unique angle on the season.

Advent is multi-faceted. You can focus on the Gospel message, the Second Coming, how Christ’s birth altered the course of history, and much more.

They are all available through Ministry Pass.

We provide the ideas in our free ebook, but if you have a Ministry Pass subscription, you can get access to all the content for every Advent series listed!

They invite listeners to wait on God.

Waiting on God is an underappreciated (and perhaps frustrating) topic for many believers. However, it is one of our greatest callings.

Bring New Life to the Traditions of Christmas

Traditions are wonderful, but if your regular routine for preaching through Advent is going stale, we encourage you to grab our free ebook. You can help the families in your church infuse new energy into a deeply meaningful season with these 22 ideas!