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Feeling Overwhelmed and On Edge?

Get Our Free Guide On Preventing Pastoral Burnout

Discover what causes burnout among pastors — and what to do if you’re feeling the symptoms of burnout. It’s not too late to reverse the effects of this all-too-common condition.

How to Become More Aware (and Active) When It Comes to Pastoral Burnout

Pastors are one of the top vocational groups most susceptible to burnout. 

Why? Because it’s a helping profession, and pastors deal with many different stressors.

In our free guide, we discuss what burnout is, what causes it, and how you can proactively restore your health and mindset. To start, combating burnout means becoming more aware of stressors in these areas of your life:

Physical health

Emotional health


Mental health

Spiritual health


Our guide includes specific, practical tips for recovering in these areas. Restoration is not too far from you — and it’s not just another task you have to complete. Getting supportive people involved can be significant in your path back from the edge.

Don’t Suffer in Silence and Lose Your Love of Ministry

You don’t want to lose your love of ministry. No pastor does. In order to prevent burnout and reverse its effects, take some time to educate yourself on the symptoms and reach out to supportive family members and friends. Download our guide to find out more about how you and your peers in ministry can restore your health without hitting rock bottom first.