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How Your Message Can Reach People Beyond the Weekend

Download Justin Trapp's new book, The Digital Pulpit: Preach Beyond the Sunday Sermon, and make your church's online discipleship strategy effective using the sermons you're already preaching.

The internet is one of the most powerful platforms to disciple your church

For most churches in the U.S. only about 30% of their congregation is returning to in-person services. That means 70% of your church is experiencing church in a completely different way post-pandemic.

How do you keep them engaged? How do you continue to disciple them and challenge their spiritual growth?

The Digital Pulpit: Preach Beyond the Sunday Sermon, Justin Trapp outlines very practical and simple ways Pastors are using the sermons they’re already writing to engage their church online to grow their church, keep people engaged, and continue building God’s Kingdom in their communities, regardless of what’s happening with physical church attendance.

What some of our friends are saying...

Justin Trapp takes his pastoral experience and layers on top a digitally native lens to extend the impact of the sermon beyond just Sunday morning. He walks through several ways to take advantage of the digital tools we have available today to take the sermon you worked so hard to research, write and pray through and give it further life through the digital pulpit as he calls it.
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Kenny Jhang
Church Communications
Pastors spend a lot of time writing, preparing, praying through, and preaching sermons. This will help you maximize them. My favorite chapter was the one on how to repurpose your sermon and use creatively throughout the week. It's really maximizing the work that's already being done and helping the message find a much broader audience.
Michael Lukaszewski
Church Fuel

Online Discipleship Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

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