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Increase generosity in your church in 2 minutes or less

One of the more stressful parts of a weekend worship service is taking up the offering. It’s not easy talking about money in church! Plus, with all of the other things pastors juggle, finding media and stories to illustrate what the Bible says about giving can be incredibly time consuming….

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What's the answer?

As a pastor, you want to make sure you’re giving your people a healthy dose of what the Bible teaches about money. This is exactly why we’ve created this packet of “Offering Talks.”

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Increase generosity in your church with 52 weeks of done-for-you Offering Talks!

Get Offering Talks For $97

Get It Now For Only $79

A Plan for Every Generosity Moment

Will planning your generosity moment actually impact giving? Absolutely!

Increase Your Church's Tithes and Offerings

A planned and purposeful generosity moment is worth it! Get access to an entire year’s worth of talks and transform the offering from a routine moment into a relational call to worship that moves hearts.

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