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Help Your Congregation Find Peace in Christ

This sermon series includes resource guides for drafting each sermon, illustrations, key points, polished graphics, and a promotional bumper video. Download it now for free!

Why You'll Love Our Summer Baggage Sermon Series

You Can Help Your Church Experience Rest.

God invites us to release our burdens and cast our cares on Him. As your congregation deals with emotional weight they didn’t even know they were carrying — especially in summer, a time of transition — you can exhort them to exchange their baggage for the peace of Christ with this sermon series.

The Content Is Prepped and Ready.

We’ve done the legwork; all you need to do is weave the content together based on the resources we’ve provided! This sermon series comes with outlines for every sermon, a research guide, illustrations, and key points. You can start writing immediately instead of staring at the blank page.

This Series Is Easy to Promote.

Lazy summer? We think not! You can drum up excitement for this 4-week series with polished graphics that you can use on your bulletin, website, and social media. (The graphics are customizable, too!) You can even utilize a countdown video and a bumper video to add some professional polish.

FREE: Summer Baggage Series

What's Included in Your Free Sermon Series

Sermon Writing Guide

Key Points & Illustrations

Series Bumper Video

Sermon Research Guide

Polished Graphics

Series Countdown Video

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Help Your Congregation Find Peace in Christ Through Our FREE 4-Week Summer Baggage Series